Tough and Twisted #Sunday Photo Fiction

Cactus plant has an attitude, that I like. It grows under extreme sun and minimum water. Yet, try chewing a leaf, a warning, in the form of bloody mouth, will announce, “don’t mess with a cactus.” Kind of like me. I work at a roadside eatery, for a man who expects maximum work for minimum... Continue Reading →

Communion #Friday Fictioneer

“Who is that boy sitting alone in the graveyard,” I asked a neighbor, “Does he do drugs?” “That’s Billy, he is harmless.” “Kind of creepy, isn’t it?” After a long search I have found an affordable house. Only problem is proximity to the cemetery; separated by a thin strip of road and a wire fence... Continue Reading →

A Special Day #FFfAW

“Hari babu every year on this day you distribute so much snacks among neighborhood children!” the shop owner asked, “may I know why?” “This day reminds me of a boy looking at your shop, many years ago. Oldest of  siblings, it was his responsibility to take something home for rest of the family to eat.... Continue Reading →

Recession #FFfAW

“Health of our organisation is not good,” the CEO announced in the packed townhall meeting, “I have to let go people; Human Resource will be in touch with you.” For last few weeks there was a rumor of something drastic about to happen. Rumor is now a reality.  “I am sorry, your services are no... Continue Reading →

Assassin #Sunday Photo Fiction

He panned his binocular over the sandy beach, and on the whitewashed homes each with a red tiled roof. Compared to where he came from, this village by the sea looked like a heaven on earth. Every morning, he wakes up to sound of kids screaming, and goes to bed with sound of family bickering.... Continue Reading →

Inauspicious Day #Sunday Photo Fiction

“Don’t travel on a Tuesday, son; it is inauspicious!” Sam wished he had listened to his father, instead of retorting sarcastically, “World doesn’t come to a standstill Tuesdays, Appa.” “But for this big bag, train would have been cheaper and faster,” Stuck in traffic, Sam wondered, “jam happens everyday.” A serpentine queue of holiday travellers... Continue Reading →

Memory Lane #Friday Fictioneer

  Railway tracks brought back a flood of memories. He would travel at least thrice a year by train from boarding school to home and back. Steam locos were dominating railway scene those days; electric and diesel locos were few are far between. Steam engines belching coal dust laced smoke whistling sonorously at bends, were... Continue Reading →

Love of Gun #Sunday Photo Fiction

  “After today, I am quitting,” Shweta said as she took aim at the flying clay pigeon. “What? No you cant; we have championship coming up,” bewildered Anuj and Rohit could only protest. Three friends Shweta, Anuj and Rohit, founding members of local shooting club. Trio would meet, beyond city limits, on weekends for target... Continue Reading →

Guiding Light #Sunday Photo Fiction

“I want to work in a lighthouse,” declared little Robbie Fernandez, all of five year old. Everyone laughed. “So young, what does he know?” everyone thought, “leaving aside engineering, medicine, civil service, work in a lighthouse! a desolate place, all alone most of the time!” “You know Robbie, if you decide to work in a... Continue Reading →

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