People Move, Memory Remains #InseverableTraits

Life is a journey. Between birth and death, we are constantly on the move. We don’t realize it, but only truth in life is we are continuously moving towards the finish line. In our journey of life, we come close to many others. Some are humans, others may not be humans. We identify with people... Continue Reading →

Drinking with a Friend #WOW

“Thud, thud thud, bang, bang bang, - Bappa, oye Bappa what are you two doing in the living room?” we could hear shrill nasal voice of Mrs. Sinha sitting inside the room, "open the door."  Sipping Black Monk Rum Bappa answered, “we are studying mother; remember we have quarterly exam in another week.” Bappa and I... Continue Reading →

Visitor #CarrotRanch

Six months before, one night I woke up from my intermittent sleep. Something ran over my body. There he was eating my leftover meal. We have gotten used to each other.  He stares at me curiously. Sitting on his hind quarter he wipes his face and his moustache. I think he prepares himself for the... Continue Reading →

Invisible #TellTaleThursday

My friend Sudhir does not believe in anything that cannot be explained logically. I was surprised, when one day Sudhir asked me,  “do you really think something exists beyond our sensory perception?”   Sudhir narrated the following incident in response to my shocked and surprised expression. -----X----- Our new home has three rooms in the ground... Continue Reading →

Unrequited #Tell Tale Thursday

Rohit’s heart skipped a beat as he saw the bicycle leaning against the shop. Green color, lady’s cycle, a fruit basket on the front handle bar. After so many years, how is it possible?  “Get out of the way, please, I cannot stop,” before Rohit could react, the girl had crashed on him. “Are you... Continue Reading →

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