Roundabout of Memories #FridayFictioneer

From the balcony of his hotel, the roundabout looked peaceful. City council has done a decent job, in creating a memorial on the spot. Today the place looks like a green paradise in the middle of urban chaos with tall trees and chirping birds. Unlike the traffic that moved past the circle, his thoughts kept... Continue Reading →

A Coat of Paint #CarrotRanch

There was agreement that the room needed a fresh coat of paint. Disagreement was on the choice of color. Daughter wanted a pink color. Mother wanted a yellow or a white, a color that was bright. Father preferred green, the color of almighty, but also a wanted consensus. As controller of purse string, father had hoped... Continue Reading →

Yearn #BlogchatterA2Z

  "I want to soak some sun, breathe fresh air, soothe my eyes looking at the greenery," insisted mother, "I am tired of these four walls. I cannot take it anymore." Mother noticed the yellow bicycle as soon as they emerged from the station. The sheer beauty of the yellow color filled her mind with... Continue Reading →

Compromise #FridayFictioneer

“So suffocating,” thought Mamata looking at the green belt, “who knows what lives in the bush; I am not a forest dweller.” “Do something,” Mamata declared war on the real estate agent, “if you want me to move.” “Such refreshing green,” her husband tried to reason, “ generates oxygen, supports birds, I wake up to... Continue Reading →

First Born #SundayPhotoFiction

“I always wanted to have space of my own,” she must have wondered aloud looking at the patch, when the real estate agent as if reading her mind said, “you can create a kitchen garden here.” This patch of green in the back of the house tilted the scale in favor of moving into this... Continue Reading →

Unrequited #Tell Tale Thursday

Rohit’s heart skipped a beat as he saw the bicycle leaning against the shop. Green color, lady’s cycle, a fruit basket on the front handle bar. After so many years, how is it possible?  “Get out of the way, please, I cannot stop,” before Rohit could react, the girl had crashed on him. “Are you... Continue Reading →

Green Cover

Neighborhood has lost the court battle with city council. A car park is going to come up on this piece of land. Contractor has moved in armed with a court order and an earthmover in tow. “Where shall we play, grandma?” asked an anxious kid, “so many birds also will become homeless, will they not?”... Continue Reading →

Green Grass Curtain

  “This green grass is blocking my view,” Protested Sunder. “You are here to work. You are not paid to look outside. Number of mistakes per day are creeping up. I want your full concentration on work,” announced his manager. Sunder’s desk is in the ground floor of the imposing red brick building. He was... Continue Reading →

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