Memory #FridayFictioneer

“Dad, time to get rid of this old piece of junk,” son looked contemptuously at the old piano his father was so engrossed in playing his music on, “look plants growing out of it; why not let me gift you a new one this birthday?” “Son, your mother used to sit there, when I made... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Cry #Sunday Photo Fiction

Baby has started to walk. Moment Subhadra turns her back, baby tries to run. Sometime Subhadra hides behind a door and calls baby. With a smile that reveals two top teeth, baby runs towards the sound. Subhadra’s heart gets filled with motherly affection. She could relate what mother Yashoda must have felt when Kanha ran... Continue Reading →

Tears of Joy

“HOOOOOOOONNNKKKHOOOOOOOONNNKKK!” the passenger ferry ship blared its horn as it approached the jetty. Maya was standing on the top deck of the ship. Beautiful scenary of forest covered hills on her both sides evaded her. Maya strained her eyes to catch a glimpse of her daughter, Mamata among the crowd of people on the jetty.... Continue Reading →

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