Journey, Not Destination, Excites Me #GoingPlaces

This week Indispire prompts us to share our experience visiting places near our city / state. To be honest, visiting places do not excite me. It is the anticipation of journey, boarding the cab to reach station or airport, and getting ready to board a train / plane and final departure that excites me. As... Continue Reading →

Jamboree by Lake #BlogchatterA2Z

Every year in the autumn men and women gathered by water bodies, be it a river or a lake, and set afloat a lit lamp. Practice has been going on for many many years. Most participants in all likelihood have no idea of the significance of the event. But tradition is continuing. In his hometown,... Continue Reading →

Criminal #SundayPhotoFiction

The bridge, nearly hundred years old, connected old town with the new. Bridge was constructed to facilitate movement of military vehicles and rail traffic. Today, bridge is open for all kind of traffic and pedestrians. “I want to walk home,” he told his friends after a meeting with the dean of academic affairs and dean... Continue Reading →

Paper Boat #Sunday Photo Fiction

“Dad look, a paper boat,” excited shout from his seven year old son drew his attention to the boat, resting beside a stone, waiting to be released on water, “why don’t we make one dad?” -----------------------------------------X----------------------------------------- “Bhai, lets float a paper boat on the river,” the request took his mind back many years, when a... Continue Reading →

Omen #FFfAW

It was a bright and sunny autumn afternoon. Rohit was sitting under a banyan tree by the river. This secluded place, away from prying eyes, has been the favorite meeting point for Rohit and Shailaja, for the last few years. Shailaja was aware that in this small town people talk. An independent girl like Shailaja,... Continue Reading →

Sipping Port on Duoro

His itinerary took him to Porto on the Atlantic coast of Portugal. Situated on the mouth of Duoro river, Porto is one of the largest cities in Protugal, and also a UNESCO’s list of heritage sites. Porto has a history dating back to 300 BC. Porto was invaded by Napolean’s French army in 1809. It... Continue Reading →

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