Navratra #BlogchatterA2Z

Autumn is a beautiful season. Unbearable summer sun starts to beat a retreat. Evenings become cooler. According to legend, this is the time Lord Rama had sought blessings from mother goddess, the lion tamer, for victory against the demon king Ravana. For nine days and nine nights, devotees eat vegetarian food, pray at mother’s feet... Continue Reading →

Mole #BlogchatterA2Z

  “This is a removable heel,” informed the head of innovation cell that designs unusual gadgets for the force, “a microphone is put inside this stilleto heel.” Ever since Shalini decided to take up the trainee position in D’Souza’s team, she was eager to be part of team and contribute. “This is your first opportunity,”... Continue Reading →

Eagle Eye #BlogchatterA2Z

“Boss is going to be late,” announced Sam smiling, “he is stuck in traffic.” Sam drove like a maniac, jumped a few red lights, to make it on time for the meeting.  The meeting turned out to be a training session for young trainees in the department.  Read : Director, the Dictator As everyone was ushered... Continue Reading →

Eagle Eye #Sunday Photo Fiction

The pointed toe, yellow colored shoe fascinated Shambhu, the first time he saw it in the store. He imagined walking his village lanes wearing the shoe and everyone looking at him enviously. He convinced Shibu, the sales man, to put a deposit from his own pocket till Shambhu returned him the money in twenty four... Continue Reading →

Hell of a Hike

Hiking through lush green forest trail, glimpse of tall mountains, thirst quenching cool water of mountain stream, camp by a gushing river, sit around a bonfire, who can ask for anything more! I could not pass up the chance when my friend Sri asked, “Sudhi, game for a hike to Khatling glacier?” “Sure! tell me... Continue Reading →

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