Assignment #BlogchatterA2Z

“Samsher Singh, boss wants you in his office.” “Now? Doesn’t he go home?”  Boss Mr O P Khurana is a strict disciplinarian. Outside his office, colleagues and juniors call him a sadist. He meets junior trainees like Sam in the first hour of morning or in the last hour of evening. But Samsher was not... Continue Reading →

Getaway #Tell Tale Thursday

“This Valentine’s day let us spent time together out of town,” Madhav put forward the proposal to Ayesha, “I have a two night three days booking in a resort in Malaya, everything taken care of what do you say?”  Madhav and Ayesha, met at a mutual friends place, have been seeing each other for nearly... Continue Reading →

Omen #FFfAW

It was a bright and sunny autumn afternoon. Rohit was sitting under a banyan tree by the river. This secluded place, away from prying eyes, has been the favorite meeting point for Rohit and Shailaja, for the last few years. Shailaja was aware that in this small town people talk. An independent girl like Shailaja,... Continue Reading →

Unrequited #Tell Tale Thursday

Rohit’s heart skipped a beat as he saw the bicycle leaning against the shop. Green color, lady’s cycle, a fruit basket on the front handle bar. After so many years, how is it possible?  “Get out of the way, please, I cannot stop,” before Rohit could react, the girl had crashed on him. “Are you... Continue Reading →

Undercover #TellTaleThursday

“Incidence of crime has gone up all of a sudden. We must do something,” ACP crime branch barked at the undercover police officer, Sunil, “infiltrate one of these groups; use your contacts, you have been out there for long.” “Deal in good spares?” Sunil asked the mechanic in dirty coverall working under a battered car.... Continue Reading →

Friendship Bond #TellTaleThursday

“Got to go mother,” said Saroj as her cell phone vibrated with the message, “needed urgently at the emergency ward.” She had just returned after overnight duty and not even had her morning tea. “Not getting any award, why work so hard, Saroj?” complained mother, “you look so tired and so tense always!” “Should have... Continue Reading →

Memory Lane #Friday Fictioneer

  Railway tracks brought back a flood of memories. He would travel at least thrice a year by train from boarding school to home and back. Steam locos were dominating railway scene those days; electric and diesel locos were few are far between. Steam engines belching coal dust laced smoke whistling sonorously at bends, were... Continue Reading →

Love of Gun #Sunday Photo Fiction

  “After today, I am quitting,” Shweta said as she took aim at the flying clay pigeon. “What? No you cant; we have championship coming up,” bewildered Anuj and Rohit could only protest. Three friends Shweta, Anuj and Rohit, founding members of local shooting club. Trio would meet, beyond city limits, on weekends for target... Continue Reading →

Mind Game #TellTaleThursday

Before taking up her new assignment, Shalini was spending time with Shivani. “Yaar, party improves visibility; I must go,” Shivani was getting ready for her Boss’s party, “come with me.” “Me! You go, I shall stay at home.” “ there will be many single men” Shivani dangled a carrot. “Don’t try so hard, I shall... Continue Reading →

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