Teaching is an Exalted Profession #Teachers

This week's Indispire prompt raises question about credentials of a teaher. Should a teacher hanker after money? In my mind, in Indian tradition a teacher is considered next to god. Given the exalted position of the profession in the society, only those interested in pursuit of truth and knowledge should join the profession. This is... Continue Reading →

Use Market Forces to Increase Awareness #Takebackwomensday

This week’s Indispire prompt asks if commercialisation of women’s day celebration is acceptable. India has a large population of 1.2 billion strong. Inspite of skewed ratio of male and female, India still has 500 million or more women of different age groups. It is no wonder various commercial organisations have targeted women’s day by offering... Continue Reading →

Flying Dragon #Sunday Photo Fiction

  Small town was buzzing with excitement. The advertisement on radio, television and on street corner hoardings promised unveiling of a replica of the great ancient flying dragon.  “Come have a look; take a picture” the advertisement said, “entry fee minimum; children and seniors free.” “What in god’s name is this thing?” A asked his... Continue Reading →

Love is a Play of Brain Chemicals #Love

Before we discuss this question of spatial and temporal appearance of love in a human being’s life, we must understand that like hunger, sleep, love is also a biological response. Scientists have categorized love into three componens, namely Lust or feeling of sexual desire; Attraction where is partner is narrowed down for romantic pursuit; Attachment... Continue Reading →

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