Trapped #Sunday Photo Fiction

Arun rode his bicycle at breakneck speed. This Sunday, Mr. Sanyal’s daughter Shefali has agreed to go for a lunch date with him, provided Arun took Mr Sanyal’s permission.  “Sir home?” parking his bicycle Arun asked Shefali, “did you tell him?” “backyard; trying to build a tree house for his grandson," answered Shefali, "ask him... Continue Reading →

Paper Boat #Sunday Photo Fiction

“Dad look, a paper boat,” excited shout from his seven year old son drew his attention to the boat, resting beside a stone, waiting to be released on water, “why don’t we make one dad?” -----------------------------------------X----------------------------------------- “Bhai, lets float a paper boat on the river,” the request took his mind back many years, when a... Continue Reading →

Flying Dragon #Sunday Photo Fiction

  Small town was buzzing with excitement. The advertisement on radio, television and on street corner hoardings promised unveiling of a replica of the great ancient flying dragon.  “Come have a look; take a picture” the advertisement said, “entry fee minimum; children and seniors free.” “What in god’s name is this thing?” A asked his... Continue Reading →


    “Clean this place and clear all mess,” administrative officer barked his order before leaving for the day, “get as many hands as you think you will need.” “Sir, this is too short a notice, all our people are engaged at other places.” “Your problem! I want a clean office tomorrow morning.” Manoj had... Continue Reading →

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