Plunge #TellTaleThursday

Shyam Sunder came out on the spacious balcony outside. Everyone else was busy inside the room, dancing, chatting and eating. He stood on the parapet, spread his arms in an wide arc and jumped. In utter disbelief a few rushed out to the balcony only to see the body going down and hitting the ground... Continue Reading →

Woods #SundayPhotoFiction

The neighborhood got its name from the park. Locals used to call it the park facing colony. Park had tall trees. In the spring season, arrival of flowers would set the trees on fire. The trail below will also be covered with the carpet of red color. When he was a kid he would go... Continue Reading →

Path Breaking #SundayPhotoFiction

“I want our country to move forward in science and technology field,” thundered the education minister, “create state of the art centres of excellence that thinks a decade ahead of the rest of the world. Funding is no object. Leader of science and technology arena today will dominate the world in coming years.” Chief scientific... Continue Reading →

Auditor #SundayPhotoFiction

“Go and audit Remo’s Bar and Grille,” boss told Ramesh, “they pay well.” Ramesh detested driving in the summer heat. Air conditioner of his car was not working. He has to brave hot air with window open in his drive through desert like landscape. “Who opens a bar in the middle of no where?” wondered... Continue Reading →

Paper Boat #Sunday Photo Fiction

“Dad look, a paper boat,” excited shout from his seven year old son drew his attention to the boat, resting beside a stone, waiting to be released on water, “why don’t we make one dad?” -----------------------------------------X----------------------------------------- “Bhai, lets float a paper boat on the river,” the request took his mind back many years, when a... Continue Reading →

Flying Dragon #Sunday Photo Fiction

  Small town was buzzing with excitement. The advertisement on radio, television and on street corner hoardings promised unveiling of a replica of the great ancient flying dragon.  “Come have a look; take a picture” the advertisement said, “entry fee minimum; children and seniors free.” “What in god’s name is this thing?” A asked his... Continue Reading →

A Room to Hide

“You want to rent this room?” “Yes! I like this.” “Feels like a prison cell; closed door, lights off, this room will be an isolation unit.” Friends, Sid and Shubh, were out house hunting, looking for an affordable place with basic amenities and within commuting distance to work. They came to this property following a... Continue Reading →

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