Plunge #TellTaleThursday

Shyam Sunder came out on the spacious balcony outside. Everyone else was busy inside the room, dancing, chatting and eating. He stood on the parapet, spread his arms in an wide arc and jumped. In utter disbelief a few rushed out to the balcony only to see the body going down and hitting the ground... Continue Reading →

Journey #TellTaleThursday

“Come Som, come,”his friend called out from the other side, “a few steps more, cross the bridge, and we are there.”Som looked at the wobbly wooden bridge. A bridge that joined both sides of the abyss. Every step on the bridge, felt it would be his last step. Som looked tired. He had been walking... Continue Reading →

Offering #TellTaleThursday

Sun was setting and darkness was descending, faster inside the mango orchard, on this winter evening. Two men, one a guru in a red robe, and the other his disciple, were drinking country liquor sitting around a woodfire. “Such an auspicious no moon night rarely comes by with all heavenly bodies in a state of... Continue Reading →

Godsend #TellTaleThursday

I do not like to drive at night, fearful of unforeseen eventualities. Who knew trouble was waiting for me in broad day light under the bright sun! I was driving on the highway on a summer afternoon under the blazing sun. Air conditioner was not able to cool the interior. All of a sudden a... Continue Reading →

Fan #TellTaleThursday

“Don’t worry brother, it is in your head only,” Dilip said rolling a joint, “have a drag, it will come out when the time is right; where will it go?” Dilip was the trouble shooter for all friends. He had a place to himself in his ancestral home. He called it penthouse. Friends could come... Continue Reading →

Changing Times #TellTaleThursday

Festival of color has arrived. Since time immemorial in this part of the world, men and women  smear color on each other overcoming the barrier of caste and creed.  From his balcony, Subodh was looking at celebration below. Dressed in kurta and pyjama, he was sipping on his glass of thandai. Holi celebration was underway in full... Continue Reading →

Successful #TellTaleThursday

“This brandnew multi level building is the office of National Security Agency.” honorable Home Minister said in his inaugural address, “ this builing will house an agency that will act as a spearhead to assess our external threat perceptions and monitor our internal security situations.” “Ladies and gentlemen,” The minister continued, “I present Mr. Sudhir K Singh... Continue Reading →

Shocked #TellTaleThursday

Like every morning, Shefali was sitting before family deity Lord Govinda. But her mind was not on the lord.   “Bamun ma, send some one to bazaar for fresh vegetables and fish,” Shefali felt guilty for ignoring her lord but reasoned, “Gobinda will understand, today is special!” Shefali did not sleep all night. Shailen, her son,... Continue Reading →

Suicidal #TellTaleThursday

It was dusk, when I walked into the station. The protective sun shade was accentuating darkness. At this time of the day, not many long distance trains were due to leave or arrive. The platform had a deserted look. Local train that I take home is due to arrive in an hour on this platform.... Continue Reading →

Invisible #TellTaleThursday

My friend Sudhir does not believe in anything that cannot be explained logically. I was surprised, when one day Sudhir asked me,  “do you really think something exists beyond our sensory perception?”   Sudhir narrated the following incident in response to my shocked and surprised expression. -----X----- Our new home has three rooms in the ground... Continue Reading →

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