Intuition, An Unusual Mental Experience #WOW

This week WOW prompt asks bloggers to write about an experience that cannot be logically explained. I had written a post two weeks before. I am sharing part of the post. I am an intuitive person. At times, I get a feeling about certain outcomes of certain events in my life. Several times a premonition... Continue Reading →

Grin and Bear #WOW

This weeks WOW prompt is “Write About Something You Frequently Forget.” I have a very good memory. I do not forget things very often. When I need to travel out of town, I even make a list of things that I need to carry with me, and double check them before packing. But experience suggests... Continue Reading →

Trust but Verify #WOW

This week’s WOW prompt asks what is faith? In my mind, faith is an incontrovertible belief on a person or an event. A believer is ready to go to any length to prove that his belief system is correct. In Hinduisim, Bhakti Yoga is a prominent path to god realisation, along with Jnana Yoga, Karma... Continue Reading →

Life’s Questions Change with Time #WOW

This week’s WOW prompt asks what is ‘The Most Important Question In Life Is…‘.  I have understod in my life the most important question in life changes with changing stages of life. In school days, most important question could be getting best grades and getting into the chosen college. In college the question will be... Continue Reading →

Book of My Life #WOW

This post is written as part of WOW prompt of blogadda. Prompt advices to describe title and chapters of the book of a persons life. This is my story. Title : Title of my book will be Confusion of an Intuitive Mind. From childhood days I have been very intuitive. I could many a time... Continue Reading →

Science is an Attitude #WOW

WOW prompt this weeks asks how can India make further progress in science and technology? From childhood, I had a mental picture of a scientist created reading novels and watching movies. A bespectacled, bearded and often a balding man working with colored chemicals in a glass tube, often heating the tube on a Bunsen burner. ... Continue Reading →

Man Making Education #WOW

  In India, so many things that need a better design for us citizens to feel comfortable, the list becomes endless. I think first and foremost thing that we need to redesign is the way we look at life. At home and at our educational institutes we must inculcate practice of honesty and integrity. Honest people... Continue Reading →

Surveyor #WOW

On a cold winter day, I go out to surfvey, an object that is sunny, shiny and bright, to everyones utter deblight Here he comes, they would screem, to fulfill a long cherished dream by staying in the minddle, not veering to the extreme. Lo and behold, to my surtprise, once I discovered my prize,... Continue Reading →

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