Face to Face with a Ghost

“Listen, I don’t believe in ghosts, or any other nonsense.” “Yes I have heard many such blusters. When real situation comes, people wet their pants.” A furious debate had erupted between believers and non believers. “Are you calling me a sissy, Abhishek?” “Yes I am, Avinash unless you prove otherwise by visiting the cemetery on... Continue Reading →


Growing Old Together

“Look at these chairs? These look so old and used! Who will pay even a dollar for these?” Sulochana and Shailen were walking through items on display at the auction house, this afternoon. Two old rocking chairs made of cane were on displacy with a price tag of one thousand dollars. A old dry twig... Continue Reading →

Happiness and Sorrow are Mirror Images #WOW

 “Grandad, why does mother Durga has to go today? What if she stayed a little longer?” asked Akash while licking on his cotton candy while watching idol immersion ceremony with his grand father. Every year, Akash visits his grandparents during pooja holidays with his mother. He loved his holidays. Grandparents are very protective of their grandson.... Continue Reading →

Inner Quest

In the hallway, they saw a corridor with several doors leading off it. Everything in the hall was covered in dust, as though no one had touched it for a hundred years.Sumona has reached this dilapidated house by the river Ganges, in search of answer about her missing father. “Are you sure, we are at... Continue Reading →

Victory Tower

“What is this tall structure?” “It is the victory tower, mother. This tower reminds us of those who have made supreme sacrifice.” Mayor has dedicated this tower to this city. This tower represents victory of good over evil, victory of truth over lies. Shailaja was visiting her daughter. She looked at the tower, visible from... Continue Reading →

Traffic Jam

“Oh my god! I shall be late today also,” Akash screamed and cursed as he saw the bridge over the river opening up. Of late, due to increased traffic congestion, commuting time has nearly doubled. A thirty minute journey takes almost an hour these days. Yesterday, his manager, Mr. Bhatia, reminded him “You are late... Continue Reading →


    “Clean this place and clear all mess,” administrative officer barked his order before leaving for the day, “get as many hands as you think you will need.” “Sir, this is too short a notice, all our people are engaged at other places.” “Your problem! I want a clean office tomorrow morning.” Manoj had... Continue Reading →

Birth of a City

  “This place looks like a desert.” “Yes, there lies the opportunity.” “What opportunity? What can we do here? There will be no business.” “This place is at the junction of routes, that connect states of Colorado, Arizona, Texas with New Mexico. I see business, if we set up a resting place here. We may... Continue Reading →

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