Control Kills Creativity #PromotingCreativity

This week, Indispire prompt asks the question if there exists an inverse relationship between power and culture – when power declines, culture flourishes… If I understood it correctly, power in question is political power that controls life and liberty of citizens. And, culture includes any or all activity like writing, painting, music, theatre etc, all... Continue Reading →


Unquenched Desire in the Recess of Mind #WOW

This weeks WOW prompt is to look into the closet and discover something unexpected. My physical closet is pretty clean. I clean my closet regularly and throw out unnecessary and unused items. As a result, I have nothing to discover that in any likelihood be considered unexpected. Instead, I have explored recess of my mind... Continue Reading →

Artist #SundayPhotoFiction

“I want to be a professional artist dad,” Titu announced in the breakfast table. “Son we agreed to you joining an art school,” his father broke the silence and commented, “we thought your fad will pass; now you want to become a full time artist! are you out of your mind?” “Dad I draw well,... Continue Reading →

Turtle Neck #TellTaleThursday

“Ding, dong,” call bell rang when Sue was almost ready and putting on the turtle neck Mrs. Sudha Khosla gifted her.  “This is for you Sue dear,” Sudha Khosla had said with her fake affectionate tone, that Sue despised,“this will look so good on you; imported from America!” Sue hated turtle neck pullovers. But she... Continue Reading →

Shattered Glass #FridayFictioneer

“Tape up the glass, don’t replace now,” building manager told the handyman while inspecting the damage, “I have important visitors today, don’t want the entrance messed up.” Building is up for sale. New investors are sending their team for due diligence today. As luck would have it, stone had to be thrown on this date... Continue Reading →

Invasion of Privacy

Silhouettes fascinated him. “Only in a silhouette one can see the dark side of a person, keeping illuminated side intact,” he thought. "Can you judge a person from his silhouette?" he wondered looking at the shadow on shut window pane. “You should stop staring at other people like this, you know,” his wife remarked, “this is... Continue Reading →

Soccer Game #FFfAW

It was a morning during summer break. Young boys were gathering in the park to play friendly soccer game. “Hey, where are you off to?” asked A, juggling a soccer ball,   “join us for a game.” “some other time, late for cricket practice,” answered R, ”besides, cannot have a game with three.” A cricket camp... Continue Reading →

Eviction #SundayPhotoFiction

Turquoise blue water of the Arabian sea was sorrounded in a semi circle by the land from Nariman Point till Raj Bhavan. As the sea front buildings lit up in the evening, the stretch of land would sparkle like a Neck Lace. Locals call it Queens Necklace. This is Mumbai. Ambitious people gather here in... Continue Reading →

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