A Christmas Gift #Friday Fictioneer

“Son you must get a pair of shoes with strong grip,” supervisor looked at his sneakers and commented, “with your kind of footwear you are not going to last very long.” “My first job; instead of a pay cheque, I get a nasty fall,” He thought bitterly, “now a good new pair is beyond me.”... Continue Reading →


Recession #FFfAW

“Health of our organisation is not good,” the CEO announced in the packed townhall meeting, “I have to let go people; Human Resource will be in touch with you.” For last few weeks there was a rumor of something drastic about to happen. Rumor is now a reality.  “I am sorry, your services are no... Continue Reading →

Assassin #Sunday Photo Fiction

He panned his binocular over the sandy beach, and on the whitewashed homes each with a red tiled roof. Compared to where he came from, this village by the sea looked like a heaven on earth. Every morning, he wakes up to sound of kids screaming, and goes to bed with sound of family bickering.... Continue Reading →

Undercover #TellTaleThursday

“Incidence of crime has gone up all of a sudden. We must do something,” ACP crime branch barked at the undercover police officer, Sunil, “infiltrate one of these groups; use your contacts, you have been out there for long.” “Deal in good spares?” Sunil asked the mechanic in dirty coverall working under a battered car.... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block #Friday Fictioneer

“Holding us back, Sam; how much longer, before you submit?” “Have I ever missed a deadline?” Sam knew he was stuck. Smoking numerous cigarettes and drinking endless cups of coffee, could not solve Sam’s writer’s block. Earlier problem had resolved itself. Not today. As a last resort, Sam decided to head home defying Sarita’s diktat,... Continue Reading →

Inauspicious Day #Sunday Photo Fiction

“Don’t travel on a Tuesday, son; it is inauspicious!” Sam wished he had listened to his father, instead of retorting sarcastically, “World doesn’t come to a standstill Tuesdays, Appa.” “But for this big bag, train would have been cheaper and faster,” Stuck in traffic, Sam wondered, “jam happens everyday.” A serpentine queue of holiday travellers... Continue Reading →

Friendship Bond #TellTaleThursday

“Got to go mother,” said Saroj as her cell phone vibrated with the message, “needed urgently at the emergency ward.” She had just returned after overnight duty and not even had her morning tea. “Not getting any award, why work so hard, Saroj?” complained mother, “you look so tired and so tense always!” “Should have... Continue Reading →

Memory Lane #Friday Fictioneer

  Railway tracks brought back a flood of memories. He would travel at least thrice a year by train from boarding school to home and back. Steam locos were dominating railway scene those days; electric and diesel locos were few are far between. Steam engines belching coal dust laced smoke whistling sonorously at bends, were... Continue Reading →

Love of Gun #Sunday Photo Fiction

  “After today, I am quitting,” Shweta said as she took aim at the flying clay pigeon. “What? No you cant; we have championship coming up,” bewildered Anuj and Rohit could only protest. Three friends Shweta, Anuj and Rohit, founding members of local shooting club. Trio would meet, beyond city limits, on weekends for target... Continue Reading →

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