Intuition, An Unusual Mental Experience #WOW


This week WOW prompt asks bloggers to write about an experience that cannot be logically explained. I had written a post two weeks before. I am sharing part of the post.

I am an intuitive person. At times, I get a feeling about certain outcomes of certain events in my life. Several times a premonition has come true. Many a time it did not. My understanding is when we want something badly, our desire gets mixed up with our mental process. As a result we may not be able to separate true signal from noise. But in reality when we get a true signal, we become fully confident and at peace with ourselves.

It must be kept in mind that if the premonition is about something terrible that is going to happen, we may decide to ignore the signal that mind gives out. In the heart of our heart we would still be certain about genuineness of the signal.

It was after my college examination. There was a rumor floating in the campus, only seven students out of a total of fifty had cleared all the subjects. Rest of the students would have to appear in a compartmental examination. I was doubtful about passing three subjects. Naturally I was disturbed and depressed. At home, I was listening to cricket commentary of England – India Test match. Then all of a sudden, something inside me annouced, if one person passed the exam, it will be me. My mind became peaceful. I forgot everything about the problem Next day, I went to college to find out that I was the seventh person who had cleared his exams in first attempt.

I don’t know why did it happen, the way it happened. Another instance I can relate, happened while I was sitting in the common room in my graduate school of an University in Canada. One laboratory assistant described how Gatineu hills in Quebec change color in fall. I had a strange feeling that I had been there before and seen it all. Just a few days later, I got an offer to do a post doctoral training in Ottawa.

I had several such instances of premonition in my life. Before every major event in my life, I had tried to scan thoroughly what kind of an outcome is being predicted by my mind. A positive outcome by mind is easy to deal with. One can simply get on with a task in anticipation everything is likely to go well. Prediction of a negative outcome creates a dilemma. One cannot halt a job based on a hunch, yet all along the person will be suffering from a nagging feeling that something is likely to go wrong.

 ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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  1. Yes, even I used to have these intuitions once in a while. For bad premonitions, they always start with a missed train that I need to board and then that premonition. After a while, now I am used to treat all these feelings equally and stay calm. As nothing is in our hands

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  2. Funny how things work isn’t it? Mine was around the B school applications, I was desperately hoping to get into one of my favourites. After the usual rejections, interviews and processes, there was one about which I had a good feeling. Not only got an admit but also a scholarship which was a fairly sweet deal.


  3. Our mind works in strange ways. Intuition is one of the mysteries. But quite often intuition proves to be correct in hindsight even though we may not find a logical explanation. You have rightfully highlighted the power of intuition.

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