Bungalow for Rent #TellTaleThursday


Who is walking now?” the shuffling sound from rooftop made Mamata uneasy “stray animal!

Mamata has moved into this bungalow, with her husband and eight year old son, recently.

Only a fool will reject such a place at so little rent!” Mamata had reasoned.

Ashish beta did you bolt the doors?” her husband out of town, Mamata realised “regular checking can be a pain.”

Tomorrow, you must go to school,” not getting a response and not finding anything wrong with bolts, Mamata walked into her son’s room on her way back “learn to answer beta, when I call you.”

Ashish was sitting with his knees bent and held in place by his arm. His face was resting on his knees. Shivering and terrified, Ashish said, “momma, he is back,”

 “who is back beta?” Mamata asked her terrified son, “what are you talking about?

He lives under my bed mother and comes out at night,” Ashish cried,“ you heard him walking?He wants to kill me for tresspassing, Moma.”

Mamata and her husband never believed in ghosts. She had no clue how to react. “Is Ashis playing a game? Effect of surfing weird sites on the net?”

I don’t understand, beta,” Mamata tried to console her son, “come sleep with me; let me call your father and the doctor”.

Door closed shut and the bed started to shake violently, as Mamata tried to get out. A hideous face appeared, room reeked of rotten flesh, as Mamata lost her consciousness.

Word count : 250

This post is written as part of # TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya . More articles on the post may be found here.

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    1. They did not know. Mamata said if it is coming so cheap, why give it up. She did not realise there may be a reason for such affordability. Thank you for reading.

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