Sushant Singh Rajput Death : A Possible Plot

The following is my take on Sushant Singh’s mysterious death case, based on information gleaned from the media.

Rhea Chakrabory and her brother had taken Sushant to Dubai. There probably a deal was arrived at transferring money to Sushant’s account for laundering. Most likely, I am guessing, Sushant was not aware of this arrangement.

We heard that there was around 15 crore rupees in Sushant’s account. No way Sushant was not commanding a fee of Rs. 15 crore. At the best his fee was between 3 – 5 crores rupees per film. So keeping aside his fee, rest of the money was meant for laundering and disappeared from the account.

Reports suggested that Rhea was managing Sushant’s finances personally. Most likely, Rhea had replaced old employees of Sushant with her trusted people so that entire operation could be undertaken in a seamless manner without raising suspiciion. There must have been a dispute about money transfer / laundering between Sushant – Rhea and the handler. May be Sushant had threatened to expose the deal. Rhea had also threatened, it is alleged, to tell everyone that Sushant was suffering from mental ailment. As decision was made to remove Sushant, to stop him from exposing the scheme. Rhea probably knew about the decision or was adviced to move out of Sushant’s place. She followed the advice seven days before the actual incident.

First indirect evidence to support such a conjecture comes from the recently leaked whatsapp chat between noted film director / producer Mahesh Bhatt and Rhea Chakraborty, where Rhea acknowledged Mahesh Bhat had adviced her to move out of Sushant’s life.

The second line of conjecture comes from another recent report that Rhea had visited the mortuary, where Sushant’s mortal remains was resting, touched his chest and said sorry babu. Many believe this act was indicative of admission of a sense of guilt that was weighing on her. Was this guilt of being party to a plot of getting Sushant killed or leaving him at the most vulnerable moment?

Most likely Rhea was acting as a go between big people, politicians, film makers and police men in India and hawala operators. Her personal chat with a big film personality suggest that relationship was more than that of a mentor – mentee. Either she was using Sushant as a stepping stone and/or she was planted to use Sushant’s account to wash money. In this whole messy affair and personal ambition one person lost his life who had nothing to do with any of these things. Life can be unfair.


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