Unquenched Desire in the Recess of Mind #WOW


This weeks WOW prompt is to look into the closet and discover something unexpected. My physical closet is pretty clean. I clean my closet regularly and throw out unnecessary and unused items. As a result, I have nothing to discover that in any likelihood be considered unexpected.

Instead, I have explored recess of my mind for the unexpected. As a kid my mother, would tell story of Dharmaraj Yudhisthira from Mahabharat who never looked back in his final journey. Similarly, we should move along in the journey of life without looking back. The idea stuck to my mind. My school leaving examination grades were not good. But something inside told me that I have a long journey ahead. I ended up doing two masters and a doctorate.

I found research very attractive. Here, an investigator needs to build a hypothesis and work toward proving it. It is a continuous logical move forward, without. Novelty never ends in research, and one may be prepared to meet the unexpected in any unknown corner. But like Dharmaraja, one has to move on in search of the truth.

I had dreamt to be a good scientist, if not a great one. I ended up working for pharmaceutical company. From basic science I transitioned into application oriented science. Anything that does not have a short term application, I would lose interest.

As I look back, I wish I had continued with pursing basic science that is more like seeking the truth. But I cannot go back in time. There goes the dream of becoming a scientist, that builds one hypothesis to another and moves from one discovery to another.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. More posts based on the theme may be found here.

16 thoughts on “Unquenched Desire in the Recess of Mind #WOW

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  1. Need to look back but only to learn from the past mistakes… and a course correction while sailing is never too late. “Not taking risk” is one of the most common regrets of people at the end of their lives.

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  2. Great topic. Mind has so many closets in which we stack so much.
    I have often wished we could trash all those stored items that do not give us joy…
    True that we cannot go back in time.
    WOW! Two masters and a doctorate!

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