Mother’s Cry #Sunday Photo Fiction

Baby has started to walk. Moment Subhadra turns her back, baby tries to run. Sometime Subhadra hides behind a door and calls baby. With a smile that reveals two top teeth, baby runs towards the sound. Subhadra’s heart gets filled with motherly affection. She could relate what mother Yashoda must have felt when Kanha ran towards her.

Today, Subhadra was attending some house hold chores. Baby was playing on the floor. When she turned baby was missing. She looked everywhere, baby was no where to be found. Then Subhadra noticed the front door that is kept shut, was open. Subhadra’s heart skipped a beat. Her mouth went dry. She cried out baby’s name – munnaa a a a a, munna a a a a, munna a a a.

Shefali saw the toddler running towards the road, with unsteady baby step and a smiling face. Baby was looking back hoping mother will come and catch him. Shefali was in two minds. She wanted to take him home. God has taken her child away. Then she heard mother’s cry – munna a a a! Shefali walked towards the sound with baby in her arms. “Here mommy, here is your munna. Be careful next time.”

Word Count : 200

This little piece of fiction was inspired by the weekly prompt challenge hosted by Sunday Photo Fiction Mar 9th  , 2019, for Aspiring Writers. For other stories on the theme, look here.

Photo Credit : Lakshmi Bhat

8 thoughts on “Mother’s Cry #Sunday Photo Fiction

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  1. I remember loosing my own child briefly in a shopping center… horrid feeling. I got a leash for toddlers after that! Seems cruel, but that tug lets you know just where the little one is.

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  2. My heart skipped a bit. Subhadra will have to exercise a lot of caution while leaving the child along and before she getting busy with chores.

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